Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Best Gift!

I have a sweet girlfriend (and a sweet daughter). She's a fellow jewelry artist. She does great work. She sends me presents...we send each other things that no one else understands. Here's her latest gift to me...

A lovely gift that arrived in yesterdays mail...found copper wire to use in some of my creations. Not too many would understand the delight in receiving such a gift!
(Heart, compliments of my daughter--she couldn't help but to shape the coated wire and leave it in the pile for me to find.) Simply's the small things...

If you have a chance, go see my friend's work at


  1. I can understand having friends that do what you do and get you because of it. As a writer and all-around book-person I long ago learned how important it is to have other writers as friends. They're the ones who know you're not insane when you talk about the voices in your head (becasue they have their own voices). :)

    Definitely a sweet gift.

  2. Thanks Heather! You're absolutely right...good to know there are a few people who don't think I'm absolutely insane!

  3. What a lovely surprise ... such a tressure to find friends that really "get" you :)

    xx Cat brideblu